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Gary Hanks
Venue Manager & Co-Owner

Booking & Artist Contact:

To inquire about booking opportunities, please send an email that includes website, social media and 3 video links to music@sevenstepsup.comPlease note that we get many more requests than we have dates to fill. If we have an interest, we will get back with you. 

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  • Are we talking about today or 244 years ago. It's so hard to tell.
    Jul 4
  • RT @seancwatkins: I'll be posting more about this next week but in case you want to get an early jump on this, go here…
    Jul 3
  • Ari Hest Upstream
    Jul 2
  • Jul 2
  • WTAF. Every day a new revelation into the minds of others. Only 5300 new cases in Texas yesterday. Nothing to worry…
    Jun 29
  • RT @JasonIsbell: Boy y'all really throwing the term "country star" around today. It's like the adult film industry, they aren't all "stars.…
    Jun 29
  • The concept chosen yo be painted on the north side of the building. The artist is local high school student Live Bu…
    Jun 29
  • @BallroomThieves I didn't understand much of what you said but I completely understood what you said.
    Jun 29
  • RT @BallroomThieves: It's like Trump is stuck in the House of Leaves house and we're all thinking he can't descend any deeper into the abys…
    Jun 28
  • RT @briandunnemusic: This is very cool and Frank is a person I appreciate very much even though I'm a little afraid of him @highroadtouring
    Jun 24
  • RT @stevenpagefans: It's a special day! It's @stevenpage's 50 Birthday! Let's see your photos, videos, messages and memories to celebrate t…
    Jun 23
  • RT @MatchboxTwenty: Excited to announce the rescheduled dates for our summer tour! The Matchbox Twenty 2021 Tour will now kick-off on July…
    Jun 23
  • RT @AndrewYang: The coronavirus doesn't care if you're tired of the coronavirus.
    Jun 22
  • RT @gracepettis: LMAO 😂 Wait till the end. Best part.
    Jun 22
  • Jun 21
  • RT @Pink: I think I sold that same place out in five minutes. 😹 #donkeyshow
    Jun 21
  • RT @rolandscahill: For their next stunt, America's teenagers will block Fox News on their parents and grandparents cable boxes
    Jun 21
  • RT @BallroomThieves: We've played to bigger crowds in Tulsa and we've played Tulsa exactly one time.
    Jun 21
  • RT @PeterMulvey43: If teenagers can reserve a million tickets in just a few days, under the grownup's radar, IMAGINE how many voters they c…
    Jun 21
  • RT @kellyoxford: Wait, kids on TikTok reserved the empty seats at Trumps rally? The President was publicly trolled by our children. Have a…
    Jun 21

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