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Los Lonely Boys

Tony Lucca

Monday, 07/01/2019     7:00 pm
Doors Open: 6:00 pm

Price Range: $50.00 For Each

TICKETS $50 IN ADVANCE | $60 DAY OF SHOW - FEE FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! | Los Lonely Boys on Facebook | Los Lonely Boys on Spotify

Grammy winning Los Lonely Boys. The perfect way to open our new series of concerts! Summer Sessions at the Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium in Grand Haven! 

Lots of musicians compare their careers to roller-coaster rides, but Los Lonely Boys have had so many close-your-eyes-and-hang-on moments in the 14 years since they recorded their self-titled debut, they should buy an amusement park.

The story of how the Garza brothers – vocalist/guitarist Henry, bassist/vocalist and drummer/ vocalist Ringo – rode their bluesy "Texican rock" sound from San Angelo, Texas, to worldwide fame is one of rock's great Cinderella tales. But the story of how they've persevered in the face of subsequent challenges is just as compelling. In 2013, they canceled 43 shows and paused work on their last album, Revelation, after Henry was seriously hurt when he fell from a stage in Los Angeles. A couple of years previously, vocal cord nodules had forced Jojo to stop singing for months. And in 2015, their mother passed away.

Their strong brotherly bond helped them through those rough spots – just as it did when they made the hard decision to step out from under their father's musical leadership and form their own band after performing with him since childhood. The desire to follow their musical muse still drives them today, according to Jojo. "There is no rest for those who are chosen to be musicians," he says. "Ideas for songs are constant. We are being charged with what will be spread through our songs. We want to make music that brings people together."

"We're all about having a good time, but we also make an effort  to write about subjects that matter. Life, death, love, hate, compassion, transgression, light, darkness, truth; they're what we've always been about. We're not interested in songs about how you look and what kind of car you drive and how much money you have. We want to create music that's about the love and energy and spirit we all carry. It comes from a bigger source than ourselves." That's why they titled their 2014 release Revelation. Its songs were meant to serve as mirrors of sorts, reflecting aspects of our lives in ways that reveal new insights. "As musicians and artists," Jojo says, "we're here to connect with people."

Their scare with Henry caused all three brothers to re-examine not only how they make music, but how they conduct their lives. "The whole experience was a wake-up call," Jojo admits. "It reminded us of what's really important."  If anything, Jojo says, life's upheavals have tightened their bond 
even more. "We stick together," he adds, "we're trying to pass on that feeling of brotherhood, of familia, in all the music we make."

Michigan native and The Voice and Seven Steps Up alum Tony Lucca opens the very first evening with a very special trio show. 

Your summer may never be the same. 


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