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Jun 24 2019

#472 Liz Longley

Ah, Liz Longley. She has a way about her - a beauty, a grace, a charming sense of humor. An infectious laugh. But that voice and those songs. Whoa. The concert was too short! 


Jun 23 2019

#471 Steven Freakin Page

Steven Page Trio. Electric guitar, piano, cello, acoustic guitar. And the famous Steven Page voice. An astounding concert. 


Jun 09 2019

#470 Ari Hest

Ari Hest has performed here since our first year playing our third ever concert. With a remarkable voice and lyrics, Ari mesermizes the crowd. You know it's a great concert when you don't want it to end! Standing ovation and 3 encore songs made for a memorable night. 



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