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About our Private Events    

Seven Steps Up is primarily a live concert venue, but the venue is also available for rent for private events.  We've hosted wedding ceremonies and receptions, various types of private parties, fund raisers, class reunions, business conferences and meetings, private music events, and life celebrations.We do our best to customize every event to your desires.  

What's it cost to rent Seven Steps Up (always the number one question)?  And always the number one answer is:  "IT DEPENDS".  Let's just say $650 to $2,500 for the room rental fee.  Might be more depending upon amenities desired including bar tabs.  Price is dependent upon date, day of the week, and availability.  Call 616-930-4755 or email to info at sevenstepsup.com for a customized quote.  Email is easiest if you can give as much details as possible about your event. 

How do I reserve a date?  Work out at least a minimal amount of details with our private events manager and pay a deposit (amount varies).  We cannot "hold" a date without a deposit.  Full payment is required 30 days prior to your event less 50% of the estimated beverage bill which will be finalized and settled with you at the end of your event.  With your deposit we'll ask you to sign a contract.

What's the capacity of the venue?  IT DEPENDS.  As an example, for wedding receptions that are somewhat traditional—all guests at banquet tables for dinner—we can accommodate 11 tables (88 guests).  Cocktail style parties can go up to 130 guests.  Private music events can be 132 seats or 160 standing.  Best to discuss details with our private events manager to get a capacity figure.

What amenities do you offer?  
  • 75-Inch flat panel display to use for slide show or video presentation (no charge).  Our private events manager can explain acceptable formats for your media presentation.  We suggest you make an appointment to test before your event.
  • Our world-class sound system to play music from your phone, iPad, etc. (no charge).  This is not a substitute for a DJ.  We can run your play list, but can't be monitoring and changing it during the event, nor can you be in our sound booth to do this.
  • Wireless mic for announcements (no charge). 
  • Examples of things we can provide for a fee:
    • Linens, napkins, centerpieces, flowers, chair covers.  (Wedding event pricing includes table linens in standard colors)
    • Performance stage. 
    • Sound engineer.
    • Performance equipment (mics, monitors, keyboard, instrument stands, etc.)
    • DJ services.  We can recommend certain companies.
    • Officiants for weddings.
    • Caterers.  Make your own arrangements with one of our affiliated caterers.  See list further on.     
    • Musicians.  Local, Regional, or National.  
    • Easels.
    • Other Items and Services.  Just ask and we'll let you know if we can arrange.  
    • Full bar with beer, cider, wine, spirits.  Your bar can be totally paid for by you for all guests, totally cash bar so your guests pay for their own beverages, or a combination of both methods. A common example, especially at wedding receptions, might be that you purchase a keg of beer and a case of wine with your guests paying cash for any other beverages.  You might also purchase drink tickets from us in advance and give to your guests.  Another example is for you to give us a dollar amount that you'll pay and then when that amount is reached your guests pay for their own drinks.  There are many ways to customize your beverage expense. For private events, we add a 20% bartenders gratuity to your final bill at the end of the event.
Can we bring in alcohol to serve to our guests?  No.  Because we're licensed by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), no alcohol may be brought into the licensed facility.  This includes any gifts or gift baskets with alcohol.  

Can we bring in any non-alcohol beverages?  No.  All beverage service (alcohol or non-alcohol) is done by Seven Steps Up.

Can we request special beverages?  Yes.  If available from Michigan distributors we will get them for you (beer, wine, spirits).  We'll order your requested quantity.  If there is any unopened wine, bottled or canned beer, you can take it with you after the event.  Spirits may not be removed whether opened or not.  Obviously, you cannot take partial or full kegs of beer home.

Can we use our own bartenders?  No.  All beverage service must be done by our staff.  Our bartenders have all been certified through a required TAM training ("Total Alcohol Management" certification which is required by MLCC).

We don't need bartenders as we don't want any alcohol served at our event.  Can we have a discount for that?  No.  A staff member must be onsite for all events whether we call them a bartender or not.  Non-alcohol events are not really our niche, so you may want to look elsewhere.  We can do non-alcohol events, but room fees are increased by amounts similar to our profits at alcohol events.  

Can we hire any caterer we want?  No.  You must use one of our affiliated caterers.  We've preapproved these based on quality, customer service, health department permits, and proof of insurance.  We let you make your own arrangements with the affiliated caterer but please keep us informed of your choice and some general details.  Most events use caterers to provide a buffet which keeps the cost lower than table service, but you can do either if the caterer agrees.
Can we "self-cater"? You may prepare (off-site) and serve your own food.  $100 charge.  You are responsible for food safety.  You must provide all serving dishes, flatware, plates, napkins, etc.  There is no cooking equipment in the venue.  There is a staging area in our lower level and limited storage (very limited) in a walk-in cooler.  For hot foods on a buffet table you must use chafing pans heated by Sterno.  Crock pots and electrically heated pans are not allowed since they can easily overload the electrical circuits.  You may not use a professional caterer and call it "self-catered". 

What if we have to cancel the event? If you want to cancel at least 60 days prior to your event, we'll try to rebook a similar sized event within the 60 day window.  If we're successful, we'll refund your deposit less a $100 cancellation fee.  If we're not successful there is no refund of your deposit.  If you want to cancel less than 30 days prior to your event, your deposit and any other payments are not refundable.

Can we rent the venue and sell tickets to our event?  You bet.  You'll need someone to check & sell entry tickets. 
Can you help us sell tickets to our private event?  We can.  We can sell your tickets online through our website.  We'll attach a service fee to the tickets which we keep to cover our time and transaction fees. 

Can we have both our wedding ceremony and our reception at your venue?  Yes.  Additional charges apply.  Discuss the style of ceremony and decorating with our private events manager.
Our wedding reception is in another venue; can we have the ceremony at your venue?  No.  We only allow ceremonies when combined with the reception.

We're having an outdoor wedding and reception.  If weather is bad, can you be our backup plan?  Yes, but the charges would be the same as if you held the reception here.

We have a very short event.  Can we just rent the venue for an hour or two?  Events can be as short as you desire, but charges will be for the full day.

Would you consider ________________?  Let's talk.  

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