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Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert Series


Introduction:  The Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium is a world-class outdoor event space.  Located at 1 S. Harbor Drive in Grand Haven Michigan.  It sits on the deep-water channel of the Grand River about 1-1/2 miles from Lake Michigan.  The backdrop is the channel and across the channel are towering sand dunes common to the Lake Michigan lakeshore.  Just below the dunes across the channel is the Grand Haven Musical Fountain.

What's the Capacity?  While the capacity is 3,000, Summer Sessions will be providing only 2,500 tickets.

Who's promoting the concert shows?  Seven Steps Up Live Music + Events is the exclusive promoter for Summer Sessions.  At the request of the Grand Haven Council, there will be  four shows each summer.  Seven Steps Up also promotes shows at their listening room venue in downtown Spring Lake (116 S. Jackson St).  Tickets for those shows featuring national touring artists in an intimate setting are also available on this website.  Those shows over the past 8 years have featured numerous GRAMMY winners, legends, and emerging artists.

Where do I get tickets?  Tickets are available on line at  You can also call our box office for tickets:  616-930-4755. Tickets will also be available at public events at Seven Steps Up. 

More about your tickets:  When buying tickets, you can request that they be mailed to you (be sure to provide your address, city, state and zip code), or you can ask that they be available to pickup at the "Will Call" window before the show.  "Will Call" window will open at 4pm and is located at the northeast corner of the stadium, just outside the fenced in area.  An I.D. matching the purchaser's name is required to pick up tickets.

You must have your physical ticket(s) to enter.  Confirmation emails on your cell phone are not valid for entry.  Please have a valid I.D. with you if you plan to purchase any beer or wine; you must get a proper wrist band at the entry gate to purchase alcohol.

What time are the concerts?  Plans are to start the concerts at 7pm with gates opening an hour prior at 6pm.  Shows should end around 9:30pm or earlier.  Soon after the shows end, the Grand Haven Musical Fountain will begin their nightly show.  You can stick around for the Fountain shows if you desire.  As concert goers are leaving, people will be entering for the free Fountain shows.

When can we line up at the gate?  There is one entry gate on the southeast corner of the stadium.  You can line up as early as you like, but you cannot use any "place-holders" in the line such as chairs, blankets, etc.  You must be present in the line to hold your spot.

What items am I restricted from bringing?  For the safety and courtesy of our guests, here is a list of prohibited items:

  • Weapons.  Well, duh!  This includes any type of gun regardless of any permits to carry, knives of any kind or size, mace, pepper spray, or any item deemed unacceptable by gate or security personnel.
  • Alcohol.  Again, duh! – Beer, wine, and canned cocktail beverages can be purchased in the concession area adjacent to the stadium on the north side.  Any alcohol product not purchased from our concessions will be confiscated.
  • Bags.  Backpacks and large bags are not allowed.  For small items, consider using a "Stadium Bag".  These are clear plastic bags 12"x6"x12".  Alternatively, store your small items in a clear plastic gallon size zip lock bag.  Any bags deemed unacceptable by gate or security personnel.
  • Baby Carriages.  
  • SLR Cameras.  Audio/Video Recording Equipment.  Artists contracts require us to make our best effort to restrict the use of these devices.  You may see some professional audio/video recording happening when the promoter or artists hire these professionals.
  • Any food or drink.  You may bring one clear plastic unopened water bottle up to 22oz in size.  Other beverage containers are not allowed whether opened or not.  Food and beverages are available in our concession area.
  • Pets.  An exception is people with disabilities with their service animal.
  • Drones of any type.
  • Use of cigarettes, E-cigarettes, and cigars & pipes except in a designated smoking area.
  • Any illegal substances.  Duh!
  • Aerosol cans, bull horns, and bells.
  • Large umbrellas.  Small umbrellas are allowed if needed for inclement weather conditions.  Please be courteous to others by not blocking their view.  Consider a rain poncho.  We may have inexpensive rain ponchos available at our merchandise area.
  • All baskets, bags, purses, etc. will be searched at the entry gate.
  • Any item deemed unsafe by our security personnel at their sole discretion or if required by contract with the artists.
  • If you're unsure about bringing something, it's best to just not bring it. 

What items might I consider bringing?  You're certainly not required to bring anything except shoes and clothes and your physical ticket.  Shoes & shirts (& pants, shorts, skirt, of course) are required.

Other small items you may want to consider bringing:

  • Sunglasses.  Before the sun sets behind the dunes, there will be sun on the audience.
  • Sun Screen.
  • Hats but no tall hats.
  • Cell phones for emergency calls, but not for audio/video recording please.
  • A positive attitude and a smile!
  • A chair if you don't want to stand.  

Chairs must be low profile style.  No more than 12" high for the seat with backs no higher than 32"

If your chair is in a chair bag, please remove the chair as you go through security check-in so the bag can be inspected.

Note that an area in front of the stage will be reserved for standing only and no chairs will be allowed in that area.

On the "floor" of the stadium, there is a section with chairs that are reserved for our premier sponsors.  Sorry, but you can't sit there unless you're part of those groups.

At present time we are not renting or selling chairs.

Blankets may be used for seating, but please restrict the size to what's required for your seats.

Is the stadium ADA accessible?  Yes.  A special section is available for those who need to sit in their chair.  One companion may sit with you.  If room allows, additional companions can join you.  Several of our portable restrooms are ADA compliant.

Can I reserve a spot in advance? All seating is general admission and is first come/first served.

Where should I park? There are no designated parking areas, so use any of the numerous public parking lots in the city.  

For questions, contact us by email at: or call 616-930-4755.  Please note that questions submitted on the day of the show may or may not get a response.  Best to ask earlier.

What if the weather is bad?  All shows are "rain or shine".  If there is inclement weather, shows could be delayed.  If bad weather passes, the promoters will decide whether the show can continue.  Lightning storms and tornado warnings may require the concert to end.  There are no refunds for weather canceled shows.  

All policies and restrictions are subject to change at any time and without notice.  The promoter (Seven Steps Up LLC) and its contractors, the City of Grand Haven, and the performing artists and crews are not responsible for injury or damage at the stadium venue.

The promoter is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets or for any tickets sold on a 3rd party platform.  To ensure that your tickets are valid, only purchase from  

All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges including but not limited to failure of the performer(s) to appear, changes in performer(s) or cancelation due to inclement weather.


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