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If your size or option is not available, please send an email to orders@sevenstepsup.com. We are not able to keep large quantities on hand due to cash flow during the pandemic. We will contact you and let you know when it might be available. Only one $8.99 shipping fee per address. If you are from outside the US, please contact us at 616-930-4755. We can arrange for shipping anywhere!

Limited Edition Tees

$ 25.00 - 29.00


We hate the reason, but we love these tees! These high quality tees remind us all that the music can come back and still be heard if we mask up. It's such a simple gesture that could have such a great impact! Don't be an ASSHOLE! Mask up. Music on. It's almost as simple as that.  You can still hear the music with your mask on! 

We'll ship your entire order for one flat shipping fee of $8.99 or you can arrange for curbside pickup for free. 

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