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If your size or option is not available, please send an email to orders@sevenstepsup.com. We are not able to keep large quantities on hand due to cash flow during the pandemic. We will contact you and let you know when it might be available. Only one $8.99 shipping fee per address. If you are from outside the US, please contact us at 616-930-4755. We can arrange for shipping anywhere!


These flexible gender-neutral aluminum bracelets are easy to put on and take off. Tell the world that you love all things stfy. One size fits all wrists.

What does it mean? Well.....

there's good
and then there's great
and then there is.........SH*T THE F*CK YEAH!  And that's the kind of concerts we do here. 

We'll ship anywhere in the US for $8.99 or deliver curbside for no charge. 

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