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About Our Listening Room Concerts 

Seven Steps Up Live Music + Events is an intimate "listening room" style live music venue.  Capacity of 132 seats, about half of which are table seats with the remainder just comfortable chairs.  Patrons are asked to engage in the music rather than conversations with their friends.  Pristine acoustics and a world class sound system in "listening room" environment creates magically evenings of live music. 

When do doors open for the music concerts?  For our reserved seating listening room style shows (our most common type of show), doors generally open 1/2 hour before the announced show time.  There could be an occasional exception, so check the website for show and door times.

For our SRO shows, doors generally open 1-hour prior to the announced show time, but again check the website for show and door times.  See the "About SRO shows" page for more information.

What's the capacity of the venue?  For our reserved seating shows our capacity is 132.  16 tables that seat 4, so 64 table seats plus 68 comfortable, padded fabric banquet chairs.  Table seats are generally $10 more than regular seats.  Of the 16 tables, 12 of them are in front in three rows.  Four high top tables with tall stools (w/ backs) are located near the back of the venue.  All tables can seat up to four people (no more than four).  You can buy 1, 2, 3 or 4 seats at tables, i.e. you do not have to purchase the entire table.

For our SRO shows our capacity is 160.  Generally, there are 10 VIP Tables that seat four each (total of 40 VIP seats) that normally sell for $10 extra.  The other tickets sold are "standing room only".  

What a "Listening Room" style show?  This is our most common style of show.  It's an immersion in the music.  We ask (actually require) that you not carry on conversations while the artist is on the mic.  As you'll hear in our introduction spiel, for example, it doesn't mean you can't lean over to your guest and say in a soft voice that "I love this song" but don't go on and on about all the songs you love or what you're doing next weekend.  If you understand this distinction, you'll be in for a magical evening of music.  The room itself is acoustically unique.  Even soft talking can be heard throughout the venue.  As Michelle likes to say, "It doesn't matter how much you've had to drink, you are still not invisible."  The policy truly is about respect for the performing artist and the other patrons in the venue.  

How strict are we about this? VERY.  We'll politely ask once for your compliance.  A second time we'll ask you to go outside to carry on your conversation.  If you won't, we'll stop the show and escort you out.  Really, we really will stop the show.  Our surveys of patrons and the artists have requested this of us.  Sorry, no refunds.  We understand if our listening room shows aren't your "cup of tea" and request that you find other venues.  

What's an SRO show?  Standing Room Only.  Forget all that crap about being quiet.  These are rock club loud shows.  Most tickets are standing tickets.  A limited number of VIP seats at tables are available for purchase.  There's normally only 40 VIP seats and they tend to sell out quick.  What if you can't stand for a couple of hours?  (1) Buy VIP seats, (2) Attend our listening room reserved seated shows instead of SRO shows.  Please don't ask us to bring you a chair—not happening.  Exception:  if you're using a wheelchair, you may sit in your chair of course.  See the "About SRO shows" page for more information.

Do you rent out the venue for private events?  Yes.  Subject to availability.  Check out our FAQ section about private events.  Or call us 616-930-4755 or email info@sevenstepsup.com for details.  See the "About Private Events" page for more information.  

Do you serve alcohol?  Food?  Yes to alcohol. No to food at present (June 2019).  We may have some small plate food offerings in the near future for patrons seated at tables.  We have a full bar with domestic, import and craft beers plus several choices of hard ciders.  We have several selections of reasonably priced red and white wines personally chosen by the owners.  We also serve a wide array of premium spirits and mixed drinks.  Our well drinks tend to be a bit more upscale than most bars.  We're not a bar with music, but we're a music venue that has a bar we like to say.  We also offer soft drinks and juices.  Water is free.  On a final note, we hate plastic.  It sucks to drink out of a plastic cup and it's not good for the environment.  Beer, wine, and mixed drinks should always be in appropriate glassware we think.  

No food or beverages may be brought into the venue.  Alcohol drinks cannot be taken out of the venue.  Exception:  If you purchased a bottle of wine and haven't finished it, we can cork it for you take home.  You may also purchase wine or bottled/can beer to go. 

Tables at reserved seating shows usually have some Chex Mix and some M&M's on the table.

Is there an age limit to attend?  All of our concerts are adult-focused.  Under 17 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.  Caveats:  We don't advertise as "family-friendly" although a show may be.  We're serving alcohol.  We never censor artists.  We expect any underage kids to respect our listening room vibe.  So…use your best judgement.

Several times a year, Seven Steps Up helps sponsor the "Liz's Concert" series of Courtyard Concerts, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  These FREE shows with national touring artists are designed to expose young children, 4 to 12 years old, to singer/songwriter performances.  Due to attention spans, the shows are usually about an hour and half long starting around 11am.  The kids are encouraged to dance, sing-along, and enjoy some great music in a safe place.  We serve free root beer and cookies at the shows.  Watch our Facebook page for announcements.

How can I find out about show schedules?  To never miss an announced show, signup for our email newsletter here on our website or on our Facebook page. You can also signup for the newsletter at any event…signup sheets at the bar (please write legibly).

You may also see posters around the area and announcements on social media.  And, of course, all concerts appear here on the website.

Can we take photos and videos during the show?  This is artist specific.  At some shows, photography and video recording is not allowed.  At most shows, a quick photo or very short video is acceptable.  We ask that you not try to record long videos…it's disturbing to those behind you.  Please turn off "flash" if you take a picture.  It doesn't do anything unless you're within about 10 feet and it's really, really, really annoying to the rest of us and the artist.

The venue itself or the artist may take some photos/videos.  These will normally appear on Facebook after the show and you can download from there.  Occasionally, the artist or the venue may employ a professional to shoot a show.  

You say your tables seat 4…can we have more than 4 at our table?  NO!  It intrudes on the neighboring table's space and makes it difficult for our bartenders to serve during a show.  Tables are close, so just buy additional seats at an adjacent table.

Is the venue ADA accessible?  YES! Follow our sign directions to the ramp on the south side of the building (Exchange Street side) and enter off the rear deck on the east end.  If you intend to stay seated in a wheel chair, it's best to purchase a seat on the aisle.  Please call or email us prior to the show and let us know where you're sitting and we'll remove the standard chair.  Restrooms are ADA compliant.  

We bought tickets and now can't attend.  Can we have a refund?  Officially, no.  All sales are final.  We encourage you to sell or make a gift of your tickets to friends, relatives, neighbors, or random strangers.  For sold out shows, we usually have a "Waiting List" for people wanting tickets.  If the show is sold out, we'll try to help you sell your tickets to those on the Waiting List.  

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes.  All major credit cards can be used to purchase tickets or beverages at the show.  Artists selling merchandise may or may not accept credit card payment (most do).  If not, there is an ATM machine inside at the north entrance.

Where do we park and what does it cost?  Parking is free and adjacent to the building's north side or directly across Jackson Street to the west. 

Is there nearby overnight lodging?  Our lodging partners are close by.  Holiday Inn is 1-mile to our west.  616-846-1000.  Tell them you're coming to a concert at Seven Steps Up and during the off-season you'll get a discount.  You must show ticket confirmation at check in.  In nice weather it's about a 20 minute walk down the bike path along the Grand River.

Bella Mia Bed & Breakfast is 2/10 of mile to our east on East Savidge/M104.  https://www.bellamiabandb.com/ or call 616-283-1005.  Register online and use code name:  7StepsUp@BellaMia! for a discounted rate.  You must show ticket confirmation upon check-in.  About a 5-minute walk.

What's a "Waiting List"?  For sold out shows people requesting tickets are added to our "Waiting List" should someone want to resell their tickets.  If any tickets should become available, we start at the top of the list and call them.  If they answer, we offer to sell them the tickets.  If they don't answer, we don't leave a message, and then move on to the next name on the list.  Calls come from 231-557-7687, so we encourage those on the list to add us to their contacts list so they'll know to accept our call.  

Can I help your sound engineer during the show?  NO! NO! NO!  Not really a question we get asked; just something some people want to do during a show.  Please note that our sound engineers have dangerous contagious diseases while working in the sound booth and they are totally deaf to spoken words from patrons.  Our sound engineers are formally trained professionals and do not require nor want your help.  

Must I have an advance ticket or can I buy at the door?  Most shows have tickets available at door.  Some shows sell-out prior to the show.  Follow us on Facebook and you'll see announcements if a show is sold out.  At the door prices are the same as advance purchase.  To get the best seats though, buy early when tickets go on sale.

Can I bring food and/or beverages to the show?  No.  If you are seated at one of our table seats (normally $10 more), there will be pub mix/chex mix and M&M's on the table.  In the near future, we hope to offer gourmet cheese plates and desserts that can be ordered in advance if you have a table seat.  Watch social media and our email newsletter for progress.
What happens if a concert is canceled?  We try to contact you via email and/or phone number to let you know.  Usually, a canceled show gets rescheduled.  We give you the options to get a full refund or keep your current seats for the new date.  Sometimes it takes a while to work out a new date, so you can wait for the announcement of the new date before you decide what to do.

Can I bring my gun to a show?  No!  Because we are licensed by the state to sell alcohol, it's our option to disallow any guns in the venue.  That's the option we chose.  Leave your gun in the car or at home (locked we hope).

What is the Runamoker Club?  It's an annual membership club that provides certain benefits to club members.  Each announced show has a early "runamoker" period during which only club members may by tickets before tickets go on sale to the general public.  Other benefits include some free shows during the year and special discounts on merchandise.  Click the link for "Join the Club" on our home page for more information or to purchase a membership.

What's a 7-Pack?  It's a package bargain for 7 tickets for $100.  The 7 pack tickets are not eligible for use for every show.  Typically the eligible shows are emerging artists…always great shows but maybe they're not (yet) hugely famous nationwide.   7-Packs will be available to purchase soon.

Do I need to print tickets that came to me in an email?  We try to be as "green" as possible, so there's no need to print tickets.  Just stop at our check-in table when you arrive and give us the name of the purchaser.  We give you directions to your seat.  EASY!

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