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Nov 29 2012

#28 Ari Hest

Ari Returns to Seven Steps up to perform for the second time. What a voice! He brought Rose Cousins to open the show and she was a delight. We just keep pinching ourselves! How can every single concert be this good?


Nov 17 2012

#27 Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

Dave & Mandy returned for another "are you kidding me?" concert!


Nov 08 2012

#26 Sean Hayes wsg Birds of Chicago

Birds of Chicago were going out on tour with Sean and somehow convinced his management team that we should be a stop on the tour. Sean has a cult following and he performed some crowd favorites and songs from his just released album. Birds of Chicago (JT Nero & Allison Russel) opened the show and performed with Sean. Wow!


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