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Sep 22 2012

#22 Seth Glier

Seth returns! This young singer/songwriter blew us away. Again. Seth & Ryan love our room and the room loves them right back.


Aug 31 2012

#21 Enter The Haggis

We just happened to catch this band in the Midwest and they played a super rare acoustic concert to a sold out crowd. It was crazy good. It was beyond belief! The night included the first ever set of bagpipes in the venue, a jump into the table in the middle of the room, and music from what we think is one of the best rock albums we've ever heard "Whitelake."


Aug 04 2012

#20 Trina Hamlin

Arguably one of the best harmonica players we have ever seen! More magic! A small, but ultra enthusiastic crowd watched this incredible singer/songwriter perform. We may never be the same!


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