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Feb 18 2012

#10 JT Nero & Allison Russel

This was before they even had a name! Silky smooth, sultry voice. Allison Russel actually takes your breath away. JT Nero creates vibrant lyrical images with a voice that perfectly compliments Allison. All in all, an unforgettable evening. Ya baby, they will be back!



Feb 03 2012

#9 Garret Borns

What started out as a simple single concert turned into four sold out shows over Friday and Saturday. Garret Borns rocked the place with his four piece band. Incredible. The kind of weekends that legends are built on. 

Borns on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bornsmusic)


Jan 15 2012

#8 Seth Glier

We think it will soon be just a legend that Seth played here to a SOLD OUT crowd. We will be watching him on the Grammy's to see if he wins and we will wait patiently for his next album. WOW. I mean - WOW!!



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