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Dec 03 2011

#7 Kenny White

When we booked Kenny White, we had no idea of his talent and humor. We listened to his albums and watched his videos, but the live performance in our intimate setting outshone them all. His songwriting appeals on so many level, his piano playing is over the top good and we liked him personally on top of it all! He'll be back - just wait and see!

www.kennywhite.net (http://www.kennywhite.net/)


Oct 29 2011

#6 Jess Klein & Tom Freund

Twin bill Jess Klein & Tom Freund. Their first time here. Our first twin bill. This was an incredible concert with two very talented musicians. Jess had a voice that transcends any description. Tom Freund was entertaining and super talented and plays a helluva guitar, piano, stand up bass, ukulele and harmonica. Seriously - this dude can play anything! Both are terrific songwriters and raised a bar once again for our concerts.

www.jessklein.com (http://www.jessklein.com/) / www.tomfreund.com (http://www.tomfreund.com/)


Oct 22 2011

#5 Alice Peacock & Danny Myrick

Performing as Myrick/Peacock. WOW. They were our first and they are our first returning. Love, love, love these two!

www.alicepeacock.com (http://alicepeacock.com/) / Danny on Facebook (https://facebook.com/DannyMyrick)


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